Your Meditation Practice: Thinking Outside The Box

The true definition of meditation is “the liberation of the mind from all distracting thoughts, emotions, and desires”.  Simply put, Meditation is allowing one’s self to let go of all thought, worry, and distraction by means of bringing their attention to the present moment.

Traditionally taught,  the practice of meditation is obtained by finding an anchor which is directly connected to the present- the body. We are able to be directly connected to our body (and therefore connected to the present moment) by means of learning to become connected to the breath.

What would happen, though, if we broke down the true idea of meditation and begun to think outside the box when it comes to what meditation really is and how we can incorporate a bit of meditation into every moment (or many moments) throughout our day?

Meditation is simply the act of being completely and fully immersed in the present moment. In what ways can we become totally and completely connected to the moment?

Cold Water Meditation

Sit or stand quietly and close your eyes. Take a sip of cold water. Feel the cold glass in your hand… how does it feel? How does the water feel as you take a sip? Notice the cold sensation on your tongue and in your mouth.

As you begin to swallow the water notice the way it feels on the back of your throat. Can you stay with the sensation and feel the cold water going all the way down the throat and into the stomach? At what point does the sensation dissolve? Throughout this experience, you were completely connected and in the present moment!

Shower Meditation

This meditation can begin with the act of turning on your water and running your hand through the water to check its temperature. How does the water feel against your fingertips? How does the water pressure feel as you run your hand over the water? What is the temperature of the water? How does the water feel? Bring your awareness there.

As you enter the shower… bring your total awareness to the moment as the water surrounds you. What sensations do you feel as the water touches your skin? Notice the very space where the crown of the head becomes covered in the water. How does that sensation of going from dry hair to wet hair feel? Notice the way your body sensations change at the temperature of the warm water. Here, you have been submerged into the moment!

Sitting Meditation

As you sit either on your yoga mat or in a chair… notice the space where the earth meets the base of your spine. Feel supported. Notice the way the body responds to being supported by the earth. Notice the way the spine can grow tall and long as the base of the spine presses into the earth.
Place your hands on the mat or on the sides of your chair… feel the way the surface feels against your fingers. Notice the material. Become aware of how the sensations in your body begin to change as you settle deeper into this experience. You have become connected now to the moment and have experienced total connection!

Think outside the box. What other ways throughout your day can you experience meditation by being submerged into the moment?