It’s Okay To Cry- Allowing Energy To Move…

Seriously… Crying is a natural part of life. It is totally okay to cry!!

One of my students came to me this week and said “You know… during Yoga Nidra… I just couldn’t stop crying and I tried not to but I couldn’t help it….” This is what I said to her and what I say to all of my students….

Crying, much like all other expressions and releases of energy, is so normal. It is just our bodies way of releasing that energy. Let it flow. Let it go.

Allow yourself to create space for the energy to move through the body. Find acceptance for the feelings you are feeling. Notice them as sensation rather than label them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Allow the sensastions you are experienceing to be acknowladged and accepted without judging them or becoming attached to them. Allow them to move through the body as pure sensation.

If you’ve seen my recent video on “Letting energy flow”(watch it below)…. you’ll remember this quote… “Trying to stop energy from flowing is like trying to stop the whole universe from spinning…. energy moves no matter what.” Energy will continue to move no matter how we handle it.

Naturally what happens when energy moves throughout the body is it circles through the body and then releases upward. We may experience this energy shift as tingles…tenson in the shoulders… tightness in the body… or even tears. It is important to just breathe into these sensations and allow them to flow through the body without trying to stop them or change them. When we stop energy from flowing (by means of tightening… tensing… clenching… resisting….) it gets trapped and it continues to circle within the body and becomes stuck. This is when trapped energy begins to manifest into physical symptoms such as headache, backache….chest tightness… all things we know as stress… let the energy flow through you as you experience it in the present moment. It really is all temporary.

So the next time you find yourself crying or feeling some intense emotions…. allow yourself to breathe into it… accept it… create space for it… and allow it to go. It’s okay to cry…. most importantly…. love yourself deeply through it.

“We must move through it if we want to get passed it…”

…Sending you all the love and light in the world…. xoxo

8 Replies to “It’s Okay To Cry- Allowing Energy To Move…”

  1. Nothing is better than a good cry. It’s like a huge release. Next time I find myself crying, i’m defnitely going to be digging deeper into the sensation instead of just letting it all out.

    1. Ashley, how sweet. Yes it’s so true. Nothing like a good cry. It’s so important to dig in and notice the sensations within our bodies and you are clearly very in tune with your spirit!

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