Mental Health Is No Joke. Breathe. Begin Again.

I feel like perhaps it’s an appropriate day (voting day) for this discussion…. although it happened purely out of coincidence that I would feel moved to share this today. I think…. though we have come so very far…. maybe we have not completely busted the lid of mental health in our little corner of the world… so here I go…… Read more →

Love Donation Meditation Course

Here at Changing Leaves, we believe everyone deserves the right to continue their Yoga Practice. The way we see it, the path to self-love, self-discovery, and self-growth is a right. Not a privilege. Our Dream is to see every Yoga Student, Teacher and Individual strengthen their practice, educate themselves and discover the inner-peace and bliss that lies right within themselves.… Read more →

Your Meditation Practice: Thinking Outside The Box

The true definition of meditation is “the liberation of the mind from all distracting thoughts, emotions, and desires”.  Simply put, Meditation is allowing one’s self to let go of all thought, worry, and distraction by means of bringing their attention to the present moment. Traditionally taught,  the practice of meditation is obtained by finding an anchor which is directly connected to the… Read more →

It’s Okay To Cry- Allowing Energy To Move…

Seriously… Crying is a natural part of life. It is totally okay to cry!! One of my students came to me this week and said “You know… during Yoga Nidra… I just couldn’t stop crying and I tried not to but I couldn’t help it….” This is what I said to her and what I say to all of my… Read more →

The Science Behind The Sound of OM

So you’re sitting in your first yoga class at the very end of class… totally blissed out… barely hearing what the yoga teacher is saying and all the sudden… it happens… the entire room begins to chant the sound of ‘OOOOOOOMMMM’. Pronounced ‘AUM’, the sound of OM has been a traditional part of the Yoga Practice for… well.. as long… Read more →

Thirst. Crave. Sunshine and Earthy Roots.

A piece of my heart from 2014… Random writIng of the day : 9th-May-2014 01:04 am – Thirst. Crave. Sunshine and Earthy Roots. As I sIt here… Headphones In my ears… Jason Maraz serenadIng me In the background… I glance over at an electric fireplace… Only the light.. Because It Is after all… Finally too hot for the heater… A… Read more →

To Every Yogi Who Has Known That Yoga Found You When You Needed It Most…

 In Honor of My Yoga Teacher and my Yogi Sisters and Soul Sisters walking this earth alongside me on our Yoga Journey January 2013… When I walked into that room… the night I attended my first yoga teacher training class…. having expectation… set opinions about who I was and “where I belonged”…. Soul Tattered… Broken Hearted… Anxiety-Ridden… Depressed… Having buried… Read more →